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With 21 years of experience and a combined background in Classroom, Physical and Special Needs education, Sasha Kukulj and Ian Phillip are the ideal team to help your child excel with hands-on experience and professional guidance.  Led by these experienced DMUSD teachers, your child will improve motor skills, gain personal confidence, pride, and have an up-to-date knowledge of modern playground games. The emphasis will be on sportsmanship, problem solving, humility and making friends that could last a lifetime! 

Instructors:  Sasha Kukulj is a lead special education aide at Del Mar Heights Elementary.  He has a background in social work, donates time to Christian camps and also runs Sol Surf Camp in Del Mar. He is known for helping some of the most needy students make a breakthrough at school.

Ian Phillip is the Physical Education teacher at Del Mar Heights. He runs PE programs for grades K-6, does kid’s sports birthday parties as Mr. P.E., and also runs Champions Track and Field camp.  He began as a classroom teacher in grades 2 and 5. Ian’s main goal is to have kids associate health with fun!

Q: What does a typical session look like? 

A: Mr. Phillip and Mr. Kukulj choose sports and games that are typically played at recess, and focus on 2-3 of them a day.  Students work in small groups and with partners to learn anything from basic skills to full game play.

Q: What social elements are taught?

A: Fairness, cooperation, listening skills, problem solving, how to start your own
game, adjusting rules, being assertive, having fun with others!

Q: My child is young/shy and isn’t sure about sports. Is this the right program
for them?

A:  Playground Pros was created to get kids pumped about their recess time, and
to instill confidence in all types of students.  We have already succeeded in
taking many timid kids to a higher level of fun in their free time.

Q: My child is full of energy and has trouble focusing/resolving conflicts
at times. Can this program help them do better in this area?

A: Absolutely! Social responsibility and knowing how to lead are big themes in
our daily lessons.

Q: Is the program only for beginners?

A: Beginning students focus on motor skills and understanding of rules. 
Intermediate students are led towards independent game play with creative
variations.  Kid ideas are valued and are a big part of what we do.

Q: If my child finishes a month of the program and wishes to continue,
what do I do?

A: Just let Ian know by email or in person.  Once a registration form is on file, no
further paperwork is required.


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