Hi, I'm Ian Phillip...Mr P.E.

I started Mr. P.E. back in 2005 at the suggestion of a parent.  After years of coaching and being “that guy who was good with kids”, I got my teaching credential and eventually scored the greatest job ever: Elementary School PE teacher! I had taught second and fifth grades before the PE job, and used the management and organization skills of the classroom to make PE class accessible to everyone.  My whole goal for PE was to provide maximum fun and activity while encouraging kids to treat each other with respect.

Fitness scores at Del Mar Heights Elementary began to rise, and soon we had a solid PE program across our whole district.  I was asked to donate a “sports party” for a school fundraiser.  The parent who won this party remarked that she had never been so relaxed at a birthday party!  She got to chill, talk to friends and cut the cake while I blasted off with the kids for 2 hours.  At her suggestion, I began advertising my parties to kids at my school, and it took off from there.  The name of the business came from a student who called me “Mr. P” in class.   She told me I should just start calling myself “Mr. P.E.”   Thanks Katie!

Ian Phillip is 34 and lives in San Marcos.  He loves to surf, snowboard, climb trees and jump on the bed.  Mr. P.E. averages 50-60 parties a year and continues to spread the word that…




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