Action Parties FAQ  

How many kids is the right amount for a party?

I have done parties for as small as 5 kids and for as many as 50.   15-20 is the ideal number, but I teach larger groups than that every day at school.  A medium sized group is easy to keep engaged and gets to do a lot individually.

I have a young child who is not in school yet.  Is this too young?  

No! Toddlers are some of my favorite people in the world. Check out the NBC link on the website to see a party thrown for a child turning 4.

My child is into competitive sports, but some of his friends and siblings are not.  How will the party be fun for everyone?

Mr. P.E. Parties are a mix of cooperative and fun team games.  I teach Kinder-6th graders every week at Del Mar Heights Elementary. I specialize in making the activities engaging for all types of kids.

How do I reserve a date for my event?

Call Ian Phillip at (760) 815-9870.  I will tell you if your date is available, and work to provide you an alternate date if not.  After speaking with Ian, a $50 deposit will hold your date reserved. This is payable by check or online.

How much space is the right amount for a Mr. P.E. party?

The more space we have, the more opportunities we can explore.  Any large, flat grassy area is usually ideal.  Parks that do not have constant team sports attending are best.  If you need suggestions, e-mail or call Ian.  If you prefer to have the party at your home or other location, I will make it work for you! 

Are older siblings/friends okay? 

YES!  Let me know if you expect older siblings to be helping/participating.  This helps to plan for appropriate equipment for everybody.




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